Spring is Sprung

We had several days of wild weather last week up here, with thunderstorms, heavy rain and even a tiny bit of hail totalling almost three inches.  In a drought year, it’s pretty hard to complain about.  Even if we don’t get another drop of rain this month, April is now than either January or December was.  We’re still just about 50% of normal, but at least we got a nice soaking to green everything up.  We haven’t irrigated in over a week and it will be another week until we have to.  Every day we don’t run the pumps we are saving water.

The timing couldn’t have been better, as both our Strawberries and Peas waited to ripen until after the rain passed.  It’s impossible to harvest either crop during or just after rain.  Last year we set a TFF record for earliest-ever ripe berries; this year we have beaten that record by three days.  That doesn’t mean we have enough berries for everyone this week (or peas) — please see below for more details.  But it is officially the first week of our spring harvest season.

In completely unrelated news, we have started an Instagram page @Terrafirmafarm.  Our farm is a beautiful place that offers us amazing images almost every day, and we wanted a better format to share that with you than the space offered in this newsletter.  You can follow us or not, it’s up to you.  I don’t promise that we’ll post every day, but we just might.




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