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What This Warm February Means for Crops & What’s in the Greenhouse

It might feel like May, but it is still February, and even in California there aren’t too many crops that want to be planted outside.  February is a suckers month — especially when it’s this warm.  You can plant potatoes, … Continue reading

Crops Feeling the Effects of December & January Cold

In case I haven’t mentioned it lately, I’d like to remind all our subscribers that we had a really rough six weeks back in December and January. Most of our greens — kales and chards — got clobbered by the … Continue reading

Food Safety, Monsanto & Washington

Two twelve packs of soda. A giant loaf of Wonder Bread. A jumbo pack assortment of Frito Lays chips. And a gallon of milk. I watched in silence as the man in front of me at the local supermarket unloaded … Continue reading

The Weather & FDA Logic

Once again, the primary driver of the news here at Terra Firma this week was…the weather. After over a month without a drop of rain — and two months of almost entirely dry weather — we got three storms in … Continue reading

The Walnut “Drug” & Asian Pear Recommendation

Walnuts are good for you, right? A natural source of Omega-3 oils, same as fish oil but better tasting…good for your heart… Multiple studies have shown the connection, it’s pretty well established. Walnut growers and processors seemed to think so, … Continue reading

Where Our Water Comes From & What To Do With Asian Pears

Happy New Year and welcome to 2012! If you’ve been around for the last two weeks, you’ve probably been enjoying the warm, sunny — and dry — weather we’ve been having. Forecasters tell us that it is fairly common to … Continue reading


Planning for the End…of the Year

I once again find myself writing this weekly newsletter while a new giant fire burns just 30 miles away from here (the fire poses no risk to Terra Firma).  I used to love Autumn, now I find myself hating it. … Continue reading

Adapting our CSA to Climate Change starts now

While humanity spent twenty years denying, blaming, and arguing about how to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, climate change has arrived.   And we have spent almost no time planning for how we will adapt to the new reality. On our farm, … Continue reading

Power Outages, Mealy Peaches & the Cold Chain

It seems that if 2020 has a theme, it will be about not taking basic things for granted like spending time with friends and relatives,  having a home that hasn’t burned down, having clean, breathable air and enjoying time outdoors. … Continue reading