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Are Organic Eaters Jerks?

Perhaps someone has sent you an article or you’ve seen the link to a new study(apparently not a joke) that has “determined” that people who eat organic food are more likely to be “jerks” than those who don’t eat it.  … Continue reading

Hyping Local Foods

Folks who live in the Bay Area, New York metro area, and other urban metropolises may be under the impression that “local food” is the biggest force affecting agriculture right now.  That’s because when media outlets in urban areas cover … Continue reading

Tomato Cam

It happened last Friday.  It was a warm day — hot for this time of year — and quite windy.  If you work with plants, it is the kind of day that makes you constantly anxious about their well-being.  You … Continue reading

Quarterly Report to Shareholders

The first four months of 2012 saw a distinct break with trends established during the previous eight quarters (2 years), as meteorological conditions shifted away from persistent cold low pressure systems that had dramatically impacted the farm’s production.  In their … Continue reading

“Agent Orange” Corn

GMOs, or genetically modified organisms, are making headlines this week as the federal government moves towards approving another crop that is modified to resist herbicides. But this time, the herbicide is not the catchily-named, consumer-friendly Roundup ™. Instead, it is … Continue reading

CSA’s In The News

There’s a long article in the food section of Sunday’s SF Chronicle exploring the culinary possibilities available by subscribing to a local CSA, including a series of recipes featuring seasonal produce. The article focuses primarily on one of our sister … Continue reading

Planting Puzzler

What crops do you think Terra Firma grows the most acreage of? The largest amount of? Which crop has the longest season? As you all know, we harvest crops from our fields 50 weeks out of every year, and we … Continue reading

April Showers

We got a nice soaking in Northern California over the last three weeks, desperately needed after one of the driest winters on the books. Around here, we prefer to get rain during the usually cold , dark months of December, … Continue reading

Diesel & Dust

We’re not Luddites here at Terra Firma, despite being organic farmers. As you all are probably aware, we take full advantage of the latest computer technology whenever possible to help make our business more efficient. As I write this, we … Continue reading

A Victory on Strawberry Fumigants

Happy First Day of Spring! It feels a little strange to be saying those words this year, since we haven’t seen much winter weather at all in 2012 — until last week anyway. Supporters of organic and sustainable agriculture everywhere … Continue reading

Planting Tomatoes in Sunny March

It’s been an exciting week at Terra Firma, maybe a little more exciting than we would like. With this week’s big storm forecast more than seven days out, we took advantage of the dry weather to plant our first tomatoes. … Continue reading

Scavenger Hunt for Late Winter Vegetables

Planning our your weekly boxes is always a central activity of our week here at Terra Firma, starting the prior week and continuing into Monday and Tuesday. Paul Holmes and our Harvest Manager Efrain spend several hours checking the fields … Continue reading

Potatoes – Planting Spuds Early

We took advantage of the warm weather and dry soil last week to plant the first few potatoes of 2012. Planting spuds in February is a bit risky: if the tubers sprout quickly and emerge from the soil during a … Continue reading

Pesticides – Studies & Safety

You may or may not have noticed that I don’t spend much time in this newsletter discussing pesticides. I find it to be a tricky subject to discuss. On the one hand, there is a widespread perception that organic farmers … Continue reading

What This Warm February Means for Crops & What’s in the Greenhouse

It might feel like May, but it is still February, and even in California there aren’t too many crops that want to be planted outside.  February is a suckers month — especially when it’s this warm.  You can plant potatoes, … Continue reading

Crops Feeling the Effects of December & January Cold

In case I haven’t mentioned it lately, I’d like to remind all our subscribers that we had a really rough six weeks back in December and January. Most of our greens — kales and chards — got clobbered by the … Continue reading

Food Safety, Monsanto & Washington

Two twelve packs of soda. A giant loaf of Wonder Bread. A jumbo pack assortment of Frito Lays chips. And a gallon of milk. I watched in silence as the man in front of me at the local supermarket unloaded … Continue reading

The Weather & FDA Logic

Once again, the primary driver of the news here at Terra Firma this week was…the weather. After over a month without a drop of rain — and two months of almost entirely dry weather — we got three storms in … Continue reading

The Walnut “Drug” & Asian Pear Recommendation

Walnuts are good for you, right? A natural source of Omega-3 oils, same as fish oil but better tasting…good for your heart… Multiple studies have shown the connection, it’s pretty well established. Walnut growers and processors seemed to think so, … Continue reading

Where Our Water Comes From & What To Do With Asian Pears

Happy New Year and welcome to 2012! If you’ve been around for the last two weeks, you’ve probably been enjoying the warm, sunny — and dry — weather we’ve been having. Forecasters tell us that it is fairly common to … Continue reading


It’s Hard to Fool Weeds

Every year as fall transitions into winter, and again as winter changes to spring, something amazing — and a little terrifying (for a farmer) happens in our fields.  The weeds in our fields change.  The warmth- and sunshine-loving weeds that … Continue reading

Making Aromatic Memories

When I was a child, we often drove past a General Foods factory where they made bouillon cubes.  I still remember the smell of homemade soup cooking wafting through the car windows.  This week, you will smell that same fragrance when … Continue reading

Know your Farmer, know your Food (is safe)

There’s nothing like finishing six days worth of farm work in two and a half days and then coming home to find out that the federal government has issued a recommendation that no one eat any Romaine lettuce — especially … Continue reading