Happy 4th of July Heatwave

Happy Fourth of July!  We hope you are enjoying the holiday and, if you are in town and getting a box this week, are planning on celebrating with lots of great seasonal produce.
Unless it falls on a Sunday, Fourth  of July is a working holiday for us at Terra Firma, falling as it does during the middle of one of our most intense harvest times of the year.  This year is no exception, unless of course you count the exceptionally hot weather expected to peak today (we hope!).  Today marks the sixth straight day over a hundred degrees.  We had just a bit of luck in getting to take the day off on Sunday, when it was 110.

The week of the 4th is generally one of the hottest of the year in the Central Valley.  That said, Mother Nature took pity on us this time around by sending up high clouds from a storm in Mexico and a nice Delta breeze that kept the mercury from soaring into the one hundred teens.  Today will probably top out at 105.  But just two days ago, the prediction was 117.  That would be hotter than we have ever seen at Terra Firma, and might have forced us to shut down completely and destroyed tens of thousands of dollars of produce.

We haven’t had a heatwave like this since 2006, but we’re keeping our fingers crossed that this July doesn’t pan out to be as hot as that one, when we had 24 days straight of triple-digit temperatures.  Stay tuned.




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