Box Contents 3/20/19 – 3/22/19

Here are your tentative weekly CSA contents! We post these every Monday, but please bear in mind the contents may change slightly, as things are always in flux on the farm. The list that Pablito shares in the Wednesday newsletter is what you will actually receive. Happy eating!

Small: asparagus, carrots, lettuce, Navel oranges, spinach

Medium: asparagus, carrots, lettuce, Navel oranges, spinach, celery, Red Russian kale, leeks

Large: asparagus, carrots, lettuce, Navel oranges, spinach, celery, Red Russian kale, leeks, broccoli, cauliflower

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Box Contents 3/20/19 – 3/22/19

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“Doing the Right Thing” isn’t always the right thing to do

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There’s no rushing Asparagus

Of all the crops we grow, asparagus is one of the least predictable and most temperamental. For the centuries that it has been grown, this has made it a difficult and risky crop to plant. And yet up until twenty … Continue reading

Hang in There

Right around know, you are hoping for something completely different in your TFF CSA boxes. Not just a different type of cabbage or citrus, but something entirely different from the stuff you’ve been getting from us all winter. Despite the … Continue reading