From, most farmers’ perspective, Terra Firma is an “excessively diversified” farm — we grow too many crops.  Depending on the time of year, it doesn’t always feel that way — for example, as recently as February when we were unable to plant and had fewer and fewer items to harvest.  But it definitely feels that way this week.

Late spring is different here every year, it seems.  Summer almost always comes by mid- June, but other years it comes as early as mid-May.  Either way, most years, spring crops are ending just as summer crops start.  In order to ensure that we have plenty of items to fill your boxes, we have to grow crops we otherwise might not — crops that very few farmers in this area grow this time of year.

Strawberries, Peas and Lettuce are all spring crops that cannot tolerate the summer heat we experience here.  In years when it gets hot early in May, we lose part or all of the harvest.  Meanwhile, in cold years like last year, they take the place of summer crops that are delayed in early June.

But this year, we’re looking at an overlap between the seasons, and it may last for a few weeks. Harvest of our spring crops is going still full swing, but our summer crops are coming ready.  We’ve begun harvesting zucchini, which has to be picked every 48 hours or so.  We’re also projecting an early start for both cucumbers and tomatoes.  And after a late start for our early Peaches, the rest of the varieties seem to be right on schedule.  Normally we have just two people harvesting in the orchard, but we’ve had to get them some help.

While we try to project a semblance of control on what we do here, in the end it’s more like surfing or riding a bucking bull.  We can set everything up the way we thing is going to work, but in the end the plants do what they want and we just have to try to keep up.  Of course, “too much to do” for us equals “lots of great stuff” for CSA subscribers.  Overlap season, when it happens, is a short window of time.  So enjoy it while it lasts.