This is an easy and flavorful dip that uses the entire Garlic plant. For the right texture,  it is very important to slowly drizzle the olive oil as you make the emulsion.

Rinse and trim the bottoms off 3-4 stems of Green Garlic.  Using a sharp knife, roughly chop all of the garlic.

Separate one egg into whites and yolk.  This recipe uses only the yolk.  In a small bowl, whisk the egg yolk with 1 t. lemon juice and 1 t. lemon zest.  Transfer the mixture into a small food processor or mini-chopper.

Add 1 C. of olive oil very slowly, while running the processor (you can also do this in a bowl, with a whisk if you prefer).  Start with just a drop at a time and increase the amount to a drizzle as the emulsion begins to thicken.  Add the garlic and continue to process while adding the rest of the olive oil.

At this point, add salt and more lemon juice to taste.