I hope everyone had a relaxing and enjoyable holiday last week — I know for sure all of us here at Terra Firma did. Thanksgiving is an important “hard stop” for us marking the end of our busy season and allows us to rest up to get through the next month until our longer year-end break.

Speaking of which: Terra Firma will be closed the last week of December and the first week of January. We will not have to make any changes to our schedule for our final week of deliveries of 2023. Your first CSA boxes of 2024 will be delivered on January 7th.

For anyone who is interested, this year we will be offering a “Vacation Box” of non-perishable items to be delivered along with your last CSA box. We’ll provide more details in December.

As for December, we are going to have a nice selection of fall produce in your boxes. We’re having just enough cold weather to color up the Mandarins and Lemons, but not cold enough to hurt them — or any other crops. And we’re in a nice pattern with alternating light rain and sunny days that is just about perfect growing weather for our crops and our staff.

Thanksgiving week marked the last of our 2023 Onion crop. We’ve expanded our onion season much further into Autumn the last few years, but

we’ve reached a limit on that: the bulbs need dry, warm weather during harvest and we don’t have appropriate storage facilities to keep them for more than two or three months.

As with a few other crops here, the end of one year’s crop season overlaps with the start of next year’s crop. Mid-November is also when we start transplanting onions that will grow all winter and be ready for harvest in May. We got those planted just before Thanksgiving.

But if you love cooking and eating Alliums (garlic, leeks and onions), no worries. We started our Leek harvest this week and you’ll see them in boxes from now until April. More on that below.