Just a quick post today, given that many people’s attention is likely elsewhere.

Thanksgiving Schedule

Believe it or not, Thanksgiving is coming up quick!

Thursday and Friday boxes will be delivered on Tuesday, November 24th.

Weds. boxes will delivered as usual.

We will post a draft Thanksgiving Box list on the website next week. We will also be sending out an email with a link to a special order form for anyone who wants to order additional produce, as our web store software can’t handle the change in delivery schedule.  We will need to receive special orders by Thursday, November 20th.

Year-End Holiday Schedule

The results of our poll a few weeks back about the year-end holidays indicated that most of our subscribers are staying close to home this year and would prefer to receive a box the week of December 21st.

Boxes will be delivered as usual on Weds, Dec. 23rd and Thurs, Dec. 24th.

Friday boxes will be delivered instead on Tuesday, Dec. 22nd.

No boxes will be delivered the last week of December.

Deliveries will resume on their regular schedule on January 6th, 2021.