Thanks to everyone who took the time to respond to our survey about the CSA box price increase.  About a third of subscribers responded, which gave us a very good sample size and confidence in the data.  Anyone who responded was able to see how their responses compared with everyone else.
The results were not ambiguous.  Well over half the Medium and Large box subscribers who responded support a price increase that allows us to keep the boxes full of tasty produce while covering our growing costs.
Large box subscribers, by a narrow majority, chose a $3 price increase rather than $6.  We also determined that there is significant interest in a fourth box size — a Jumbo box.  If you were one of the subscribers who expressed interest in that option, we will be following up with you directly with another survey to help us come up with a plan for making it a reality.
The new TFF CSA prices will go into effect next week, as follows:
Small Boxes: $20/week
Medium Boxes: $32/week
Large Boxes: $41/week
As always, TFF’s CSA allows you the flexibility to change your box size for whatever reason.  We expect to see some shifting in response to the price increase, but overall we think most people will be happy with the end results.
It’s true that summer is just getting started, but we are currently just a month or so away from beginning our planting for fall and winter.  With Covid-19 now staging an unfortunate resurgence and clearly looking to stick around for a while, we are now assuming that many of you will continue a modified version of sheltering-in-place through the fall that includes subscribing to Terra Firma’s CSA.
We want to make sure we have plenty of healthy and delicious carrots, broccoli and other fall favorites planted to fill up everyone’s boxes through the end of the year.  In the long-run, our goal is to keep our customers happy and healthy so that you keep subscribing even when the pandemic is over — which can’t happen soon enough.