Covid 19 Update

We are doing our best at Terra Firma Farm to stay up to date with news and guidance on the Covid 19 outbreak coming from the state and federal governments.  As of 1 p.m. Tuesday, March 16th, we are confident that we are included under the definition of “essential businesses” and thus will continue to supply all of our customers with fresh produce so they can stay healthy and well-fed.
Our fairly decentralized CSA distribution system is a low risk method of purchasing fresh produce right now, and we have plenty of availability.  Our individual drop-sites are mostly private homes, and are thus not affected by the Governor’s declaration regarding businesses.  We will continue our deliveries to those sites unless the hosts ask us to stop doing so.  If that does occur, we will notify affected subscribers via email.
In the meantime, if you have friends or family who you think might be interested in joining TFF’s CSA due to changes in their work or other factors, please let them know.  As always, we offer a subscriber credit for successful referrals.
A few customers have asked us “what are you doing” to address the outbreak.  The U.S. Food and Drug Administration last week put out a statement that there is no evidence that food — including fresh fruits and vegetables — provides a risk of transmission of Covid-19.  In fact, consumption of fresh fruit and vegetables is proven to boost the immune system.
Having said that, TFF’s Food Safety Plan requires any and all sick employees to stay home from work regardless of their illness, and we do trainings to the plan every year.  Our fingers are crossed that we will not suffer any major staff reductions due to illness, but at some point it may occur.  It is obviously impossible for anyone here to “work from home”.  Meanwhile the messages from our government are creating fear and panic.  If our employees fear being arrested for coming to work, it will be impossible for us to continue to operate.  We will do everything possible to avoid that outcome.


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