Hi All, Alicia here! I have been working here at Terra Firma for a little over a year now, focusing on CSA coordination and sales with our stores, restaurants and wholesalers. Pablito is handing the mic to me this week to encourage you to spread the word about our CSA program.
What makes our CSA so special? Terra Firma Farm has been running a community supported agriculture program for over 20 years, beginning at the time when the model was gaining popularity in the US. The CSA was originally a model conceived in the idea that neighbors bought a “share”of the farm at the beginning of the season, covering the cost of seed, irrigation parts, compost, packing supplies, and the myriad of things that the farmer needed to get the season going. In exchange, the “share-owners” received fresh, seasonal produce from the farm on a regular basis. Over the years, we have seen this model evolve. There are lots of “CSA” programs out there that now offer customized boxes with delivery to your doorstep, but essentially aggregate produce from many different farms in a wide geographical area. We pride ourselves on growing the majority of our fruits, vegetables and nuts right here in Winters, organically, as well as providing year-round employment for our hard-working, skilled crews. Our produce goes directly from our farm to your pick-up site, and is usually harvested within a few days of reaching your plate.
We have many longtime subscribers whose kids have grown up on Terra Firma vegetables, and who have continued to enjoy our produce after over ten years. Your support helps us feed people in our region of Northern California. My big ask this winter is that you spread the word to your community so we can reach more people. If someone signs up and mentions that you referred them, I will credit $18 to your CSA account.
If you are interested in handing out fliers to neighbors, displaying them in local businesses, or posting on social media / NextDoor, please email me (csa@terrafirmafarm.com). I can send out physical copies of fliers with the CSA boxes, or email you content for social media. Thank you for your support and enjoy those veggies!!