While tomatoes are winding down with the cooling weather and ominous haze from the multitude of wildfires, peppers are thriving. We have a number of varieties to offer that are both beautiful and tasty!

The photo above shows the varieties of peppers that we are offering this season. From left to right, Gypsy (red, orange, yellow), Corno di Toro (red, orange), Jimmy Nardello and Shishito. We are offering 10# packs for all peppers except Shishitos (5# or 8#).

We offer the Gypsy pepper in the three different colors. The fruit ripens on the plant from yellow to orange to red. The yellow Gypsy has a mild taste, while the orange and red are successively sweeter. Its tapering figure distinguishes it from the classic bell pepper.

The Corno di Toro (literally “horn of the bull”) is a beautiful Italian heirloom pepper that has a more slender body than the Gypsy. They are delicious fresh or roasted.

A favorite, the Jimmy Nardello is a deliciously sweet Italian frying pepper with a rich flavor. Its fruity, raw flavor becomes creamy and soft once it is fried.

The Shishito is another frying pepper, in the same vein as the Padron pepper. It originates from East Asia, and has a hint of spice to it. Blistered Shishitos are a favorite: easy to prepare and delightful for snacking.