Farmers have a pretty well deserved reputation as glass-half-full types.  It’s not a coincidence that many cautionary phrases have their origins in agriculture — “Don’t count your chickens…”
The election left most people I know feeling pretty pessimistic.  I think that’s healthy.
Acknowledging that bad things happen is not being negative.  It’s being realistic.  Thinking that things will always go right is not optimistic; it’s delusional.  And not preparing for it to happen is not being hopeful, it’s irresponsible.
Optimism is hard work.  Sometimes it’s like finding a single grain of sand in a beach and then trying to keep focused on it.  Other times it’s like forcing yourself to look up at stars or the sunset instead of something unpleasant right in front of your face.
As farmers, we face numerous challenges thrown at us by forces over which we have absolutely no control:  the weather, the economy, and our government.  It’s impossible not to stress out about it.
I’m guessing that many of you are having similar feelings right now.  Things aren’t going that well in the world or in our country right now.  But I hope you can find something to focus on to help you cultivate your optimism.  I would humbly suggest that spending some quality time with a box of vegetables might help.