No Leek Jokes Here

Weŕe expecting a pretty perfect Autumn Day for our Farm Day event on Saturday:  sunny and warm with temperatures in the low 80s.  There will be plenty of ripe strawberries for gleaning, and they sure are tasty.
If youŕe coming to the event, one of the main things you will see growing are Leeks.
Leeks are part of the Allium family, which includes Onions, Garlic, and Shallots.  Taken together, Alliums are one of our most important crops at Terra Firma, and we grow dozens of acres of them each year.  As a TFF subscriber, you are almost certainly aware how many alliums you eat and the important role they play in our food.
Our Leek season lasts a full six months of the year, from roughly October 1st until the end of March.  This complements our onion season, which runs from April or May until October or November depending on the weather.
In our modern world, onions are ubiquitous and available 24/7/365.  But onions need warm, dry weather to mature and form skins.  And once harvested, they must be kept cool and dry.  So the onions you buy in the winter were either harvested months ago and carefully stored, or grown thousands of miles away in a place.  Or both.


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