Make your own spice pasteat home using summer fruit.  Add tofu or other protein supplement for a more filling meal.

Remove the pits from 3 apricots and chop.  Remove the leaves from 1 bunch of basil, wash and dry.

Place the apricots and 1/2 C. of basil in a food processor with 1 minced clove of garlic, 2 T. soy sauce, 1 t. sesame oil and 1 t. hot chili oil.  Puree until smooth.

Slice 2 summer squash in rounds diagonally, then cut the rounds in halves.

Trim 2 C. green beans.  Parboil for 1 minute then drain and cool.

Thinly slice onion to make 2 C.

Heat 1 T. peanut oil in a wok and add the onions.  Cook until they are soft and beginning to brown.  Add the beans and squash and cook until the squash is just tender.  Remove the vegetables from the wok.

Add the sauce to the wok and reduce the heat to low.  Cook until it bubbles and begins to thicken, 4-5 minutes.  Raise the heat, add the vegetables, and stir to coat.