Summer’s Just Around the Corner

There are big changes coming to your box in just seven days.  I know some of you are ready for it, but next week’s box will be so different from this week’s that you may find yourself scratching your head in wonder.

I picked a handful of green beans this morning and ate them for lunch.  This week will be the final week of our Pea season, as we transition to our “summer legume”.  We expect to be picking an abundance of beans by next Monday.

An aside:  both peas and green beans are critical parts of our farm’s  crop rotation.  Legumes provide their own fertilizer by fixing nitrogen from the air into their roots.  In doing so, they rest the soil and leave it better than it was before they were planted.

Green Beans not exciting enough?  How about some Sweet Corn for the first week of June? There is a very good chance you will see a few ears in your boxes next week.

For both beans and corn, this will mark the earliest date (that we can remember) that we have harvested either.

Now for the big one….drum roll please.  What would a summer vegetable box be without everyone’s favorite…Tomatoes.  We have been picking a handful of Early Girls every few days for a week now, and with warmer weather forecast for late in the week, we are anticipating a major bump in the harvest.

Look for at least a small amount of tomatoes in your boxes next week as our season gets underway.  We are anticipating it to be long and fruitful.


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