A New Crop of New Drop Sites

Terra Firma doesn’t do paid ads for our CSA like some other farms, or Groupon deals like some of the big organic produce delivery services.  We rely almost 100% on referrals from our subscribers for new customers, and we try to show our appreciation by issuing referral credits.  We feel like we have wonderful customers, and you tend to bring us more wonderful customers.

We are in the process of setting up three new drop sites in new delivery areas and I wanted to let subscribers know in case you may have friends or relatives close to the sites who might be interested.  Two are in the East Bay:  Montclair just south of Hwy. 24, and Walnut Creek.  The third is in downtown Folsom, east of Sacramento.  All three are now listed on the website.  We will be signing up new or existing subscribers for each site until we get the critical mass needed to begin deliveries.

There is a fourth potential site, on Treasure Island/Yerba Buena just off the Bay Bridge.  This spot is not listed on the website yet but will be soon.




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