What’s small and red and ripens in the spring?

What’s small and red, juicy and slightly crisp and grows in the spring?  On our farm there are three different crops that match that description, and one of them is in some of the boxes today. But it may not be the one you were hoping for.

The best thing about radishes is that you can plant them in the spring and they are ready to harvest just a few weeks later.  We grow them only during this time of year, when they help liven up your boxes and give them some extra color.

But if it’s the other two little red items you’re really craving, there is good news.

I took this photo on Monday morning, just before I ate the one berry that was completely ripe.  As you can see, it was a forerunner.  Most of the berries in the field are still dead green and tiny.  But the plants have set a big crop and our first harvest is just a few weeks away  We fully expect to be putting berries in your boxes the week your taxes are due, if not sooner.

And the final small red crop you might have thought of?  Well, they’re still a ways off:

Yes, Cherries are still blossoms, with the earliest varieties just starting to form tiny fruit.  But like all of our other summer fruit trees, they put out an impressive bloom this year thanks to the cold winter.  And the weather has been perfect for pollination — sunny, dry, windy and warm.  We are expecting a respectable crop starting in early May.




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