Dependence Day

Happy Fourth of July!  The Harvest Moon rose over the farm at dusk last night and was still shining at dawn today, a very fitting accompaniment to the abundance that is coming out of our fields right now.  It’s a stark contrast to the devastation being wrought on farm fields over much of the country by a heat wave caused by a weather system that is sitting just over a hundred miles east of us.
We’ve certainly had our share of bad weather over the last few years, and it will be a long time before we take good weather for granted again.  Instead, we will celebrate this Independence Day instead as a day of Dependence on the whims of Mother Nature.  And like the good and humble servants we are, we will bow down before her to give thanks for an abundant summer harvest, and offer a plea that the scorching heatwave stay just east of the California border.

Have a great holiday.




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