New & Improved

A few months ago I promised you that we would be making improvements to the Terra Firma website to make it a better resource for subscribers and I am happy to announce that the revamped site will go live this week — and it may have already by the time you are reading this.

There are two big changes.  First, an excerpt from the most recent newsletter and recipe will be posted each week on the home page with a link to the full documents.  So if you accidentally delete the Constant Contact email newsletter, or you get it on your home computer but want to read it at work (or vice versa), or a virtual dog eats the email before you see it…you can go to the TFF site and it will be right there to read and enjoy.  That said, the entire newsletter will not be reproduced on the site — just the main article (and any related photos) and the recipe.  For example, the box contents list will not be there.  For this reason, we will continue to send the email newsletter to all subscribers every week.

The second big change will be that our website is now almost completely searchable.  Any content that is contained within the site, including newsletters starting from January 1st of this year, will be included in the search.  Over time, we hope to upload all the newsletters archived at Constant Contact, but right now they will not be included in the search results.  And all our old archived newsletters prior to the switch to Constant Contact will still be available and searchable as they always have been.  In particular, dozens of subscribers have requested that they be able to search for a recipe they remember from last month or last year.

And to end on a more interesting note, here’s a sneak preview of summer, coming to drop site near you soon…

The first few ripe cherry tomatoes and a watermelon sizing up







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