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Tip-Toeing into Summer

It's feeling like Summer this week, with sunny and very warm weather here with just enough cool air trickling in from the foggy Bay to keep it from getting too hot.  If it gets hot too early in the Spring it can be very stressful at Terra Firma, since most of the items we are [MORE ...]

Dust-icane Days

It is windy out today: very windy. We're talking about 40 mile-per-hour gusts creating rolling dust clouds, blowing unsecured objects away, and ripping leaves off trees and vegetable plants. It was windy yesterday too, and will be tomorrow as well, but today is a true "gale" -- the peak of the dry storm.  A "Dusticane". [MORE ...]

A Berry Good Year?

We are in the midst of one of our best strawberry seasons we can remember -- the second in a row.  Harvest started early, despite a few hiccups, and has continued for an entire month.  Although we are working with two "new to us" varieties, we've been happy with the quality and flavor of the [MORE ...]

The Asparagus Season that almost wasn’t

A few of you have emailed us lately wondering if you missed Asparagus season. It's not a bad question -- we have been wondering the same thing ourselves. Asparagus is one of only a few perennial vegetables, the roots residing in the same field for a decade or longer. Most years, the spears start pushing [MORE ...]

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Photo courtesy of Alanna Taylor-Tobin from Bojon Gourmet

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