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How to Slay a Drought in 12 Months

A year ago, California was still deep in drought. Reservoirs and wells across the state were low or completely dry and water restrictions were in place. To paraphrase Steinbeck, it seemed that the drought was going to last forever. A year later, the drought has been vanquised. During periods of drought, a vicious cycle starts [MORE ...]

Short Newsletter for the Shorter Days

Friday marks the official start of Autumn, and by next week the nights will be longer than the days. In recent years, this change was hardly noticeable here with the seemingly endless summer weather lasting well into October and even November. But beginning this week last year -- when we had a soaking rain just [MORE ...]

30 years and counting

Yesterday was my birthday, 57 to be exact.  I wouldn't normally mention that in the newsletter, but this year marks a full thirty years that I have been farming, all of them right here. I moved from New York to California in September of 1992, and moved to Winters after spending six months in San [MORE ...]

Solano County in the News?

Terra Firma Farm is technically located in Winters, which is a town in Yolo County. But most of the land we farm as well as our packing facilities reside in Solano County, just south of Putah Creek from Winters proper.  We started out farming exclusively in Yolo County, but over the years we have moved [MORE ...]

Latest Recipes from the Farm


Photo courtesy of Alanna Taylor-Tobin from Bojon Gourmet

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