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It’s Been a Long Year…

When Covid 19 arrived in California around this time last year, our local area was the epicenter for a brief moment, with infected passengers from cruise ships in Asia disembarking at Travis Airforce Base causing a small outbreak at the hospital where they were taken.  For the rest of the year, the virus pretty much [MORE ...]

A Texas-Sized Message on Climate Change and Agriculture

Just a few months ago during the historic heatwave that gripped our state, I remember reading that officials at the Independent System Operator (ISO) that controls the power grid in California had "never foreseen" such massive electricity demand. "Historically", coastal regions never experienced extreme heat at the same time as inland areas. The geographical extent [MORE ...]

Got to Run, the Spinach just Emailed me

With travel and holiday gatherings out of the picture, I got to spend a chunk of time earlier this winter with my nose in a book and my feet up next to the woodstove.  One book I read was a science fiction novel about a planet where -- you'll have to bear with me here  [MORE ...]

Mid-Winter Update

Every season offers its own particular challenges at our farm.  Some are new while others are familiar.  Each of them ends up affecting the contents of your box eventually.  Winter is no exception. In past years, we have had hard freezes in December that killed or damaged any number of our crops in the field, [MORE ...]

Latest Recipes from the Farm


Photo courtesy of Alanna Taylor-Tobin from Bojon Gourmet

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