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Some Positive News this Week

Amidst all the bad news we've had since the start of 2021, I thought it might highlight a few positive trends that are unlikely to see much coverage in the press or on social media. First and foremost:  the vast majority of workers on farms in California got almost an 8% raise this year.  That [MORE ...]

Losing a Local Hero

2020 was a year of enormous loss and tragedy for our country.  In December, we lost a local and state hero, lifetime farming advocate, and TFF subscriber:  Richard Rominger.  Rich was a Winters farmer who became a leader representing California agriculture first as State Secretary of Agriculture during Jerry Brown's first term, and then later [MORE ...]

A Different Kind of Holiday Season

For most people, the 2020 holiday season is playing out very differently than it does most years. Thousands of people -- whether patients or providers -- will be spending it in crowded hospitals away from their loved ones. Many others are out of work, struggling to pay the rent. Most people have drastically altered their [MORE ...]

When will Farmworkers get the vaccine?

The big news this week may have been the delivery of the first Covid vaccines, but we were also excited to get our first real rain at the farm. The rain wasn't much -- just over an inch -- but it was enough to settle the deep dust, clear the air, and provide sufficient water [MORE ...]

Latest Recipes from the Farm


Photo courtesy of Alanna Taylor-Tobin from Bojon Gourmet

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