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4th of July Holiday Update

The July Fourth Holiday is coming. Queue the ominous music. Why ominous music? Wel, holidays are problematic for us at Terra Firma and other farms. On the one hand, they increase demand for certain items: Turkeys, cranberries, pumpkins, etc. at Thanksgiving. Strawberries for Valentines Day. Corned Beef and Cabbage for St. Patricks Day. Flowers for [MORE ...]

Drought in Mexico = Higher Produce Prices

An old friend of mine who lives in New York City called me on Sunday, demanding to know "Why are Cucumbers six dollars in the store right now? Why is produce soooo expensive?".  My response was, "How much time do you have?" First things first:  It's not because of inflation, at least not the inflation [MORE ...]

A Blast from the Past: Apricots

We have a bumper crop of Apricots this year: a real "branch-breaker".  It's definitely the biggest crop we've ever had, which is all the more surprising because we've had hardly any 'cots at all the last several years.  We've gotten more fruit off one tree this year than we got from all 300 trees in [MORE ...]

Straight Lines and Robots

Straight lines don't occur much in nature, but our current human civilization depends on them and agriculture is no exception.  From wheat to vegetables to trees, farmers grow crops in straight, orderly lines so they can better manage everything from planting to harvest. If you've ever tried to make a straight line longer than a [MORE ...]

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Photo courtesy of Alanna Taylor-Tobin from Bojon Gourmet

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