Summertime Soft Squash

We are reaching full swing of summer squash season here in the Sacramento Valley. Squash plants are extremely prolific, so we harvest them six days a week for most of the season. Each plant has a broad-leafed, prickly canopy, necessitating a bit of searching under the leaves for fruit, and definitely wearing a long-sleeved shirt to prevent skin irritation.

We grow three different varieties at Terra Firma: Zucchini, Gold Bar and Sunburst. Squash is packed in 22# boxes of single or mixed-variety (all three). We typically harvest zucchini and Gold Bar around the “fancy” (6-7″ length, 1.25-1.75″ diameter) or “extra fancy” (5-6″ length, 1-1.5″ diameter) standards. We harvest Sunburst on the smaller side, but can offer them 5-6″ diameter upon request. The honkers (over-sized zucchini) often go to the pigs or to me for zucchini bread…

While zucchini has a long shelf-life, that of the Gold Bar squash is a bit shorter. The two varieties pair well side-by-side as attractive summer vegetables! The Sunburst squash, similar in appearance to the “Patty Pan” squash, is a nice addition to vegetable displays and summer dishes. Enjoy!





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