CSA Policy Letter The Farmer/Member Agreement

We ask all new subscribers to carefully read the following document and then click “I agree” when finished. These are the guidelines that keep our CSA running smoothly, and you will be responsible for knowing them.

The Philosophy of CSA – Community supported agriculture is a relationship one step above a simple convenience, a give and take of produce for cash. It is based on mutual respect between the customers and the farmers. Under the CSA model, subscribers pay in advance for the food they will receive, reflecting the risk that the farm takes to plant, tend, and harvest crops. Terra Firma is not a delivery service; your subscription is a contract to receive a minimum of one month’s worth of produce.

Payments: We use an web-based software program called Farmigo to help manage the financial interactions between our customers and our farm. With it, Terra Firma subscribers have online access to their own accounts, with the exceptions of changing email addresses or requesting vacations. We accept payment via Paypal or credit card. Having a balance now means the opposite of what it did under our old system. Now having a balance means money you can spend on boxes which are deducted each delivery day.

Minimum payments – To join Terra Firma’s CSA, or for your first online payment, we ask for an initial payment of at least $150 into your account. After that the minimum payment is $100. This will not be billed monthly, and is not much higher than the old prepayment for a month system where we included a $35 deposit that is no longer required.

If you choose the autopay option, your account will automatically be charged again any time the balance falls below $50, and you will receive an email notification. If not, you will receive an email when your account has one more delivery on it, and another if a hold has to be placed on it because there hasn’t been a payment to cover that week’s box. Your account will only be charged by the box for each box you receive.

Box Sizes and Values — We offer three different box sizes for your convenience: Small is valued at $14 per week, Medium at $24 and Large at $32. If you’re a new customer, we recommend starting with a Small subscription. You can change your box size at any time, but you must give us seven days notice before doing so. You will receive an email confirmation confirming the change.

Incentives for Long Term commitment- We provide bonuses for subscribers who make larger payments that help us finance the longer term operation of our farm. The old quarterly rate system is replaced with this one.

For a payment of $300, get a 3% bonus. Your account balance will be $309.

For a payment of$850, get a 5% bonus. Your account will be posted as $892.00

For a payment of $1,400, get a 7% bonus. Your payment will be posted as $1,498.

Autopay Option: We encourage all of our customers to sign up for automatic payment options that will pay your account in a timely fashion so that you never miss a delivery. You will receive an email prior to the charge being made.

Manual Payment: If you prefer, you will still have the option to make renewal payments manually. If you choose this option, you will receive an emails letting you know when it’s time to renew your balance. (More on this later)

Communication: Terra Firma publishes a weekly newsletter that is delivered with the boxes. A searchable database of newsletters is also available online. The newsletter will announce any important changes in delivery schedule, prices, policies, etc. The newsletter is available online at www.terrafirmafarm.com , in the newsletter archives section, with any holiday changes also noted in the banner. It is your responsibility as a CSA member to read the newsletter.

By agreeing to join our CSA, you are also agreeing to open and read email communications from us including:

Payment due emails: All billing issues regarding your account will be emailed to you, including start ups and notice of suspension of service.

Other: You may also receive specific emails announcing important changes to our service. Especially important are emergency site moves. Please read our emails as soon as you see them. Please add csa@terrafirmafarm.com to your address book to protect our communications from spam filters.

We encourage subscribers to give us feedback about box quality and contents by emailing us at csa@terrafirmafarm.com. It’s very important that you include your full name, and your Email address login which you used to create your online account, on all correspondence. For quality issues please include when you picked up your box and how you’re storing the produce.

The pickup site list is our way of communicating to you whether a box was delivered for you, and what size, which is also emailed to you each week. We do not go back and pickup the site lists later, so please do not leave any checks or correspondence at the pickup site.

Start me up: Follow the How Do I Join? Link to sign up. A confirmation of your account and pickup location details and start date will be automatically emailed to you.

Referral Credit and Vacations: If you can’t pick up your box on a given week, why not tell a friend to pick up your box while you’re gone. If they sign up with us, we will give you an $18 referral credit. Ask that your friend email the office at csa@terrafirmafarm.com when they join so we can thank you.

If you’re going on a longer vacation, you will only be charged $4 Small, $8Medium, $11 Large for the weeks that you missed. Why be charged at all? Just because you’re leaving doesn’t mean we don’t still have produce for you that will get left in the field. We need a full 7 days notice for vacation credits.

Suspension of service: Your box will not be delivered if you do not have money in your account to cover the price of the box. If we don’t receive a timely payment from you, you will receive an email letting you know that your service has been suspended. If you make a payment after this time, you need to wait for email notification of your next delivery. Restarting your box delivery often takes seven days, as the lists are made in advance, so don’t expect a box that week unless you get an email saying it will be there. If you do not get a box, there will be no charge for delivery that week.

If your membership becomes inactive, your balance may be refunded and the account closed after a few months. Restarting is as easy as joining, just follow the same link.

Cancellation: To cancel your Terra Firma subscription, email the office at csa@terrafirmafarm.com

Credit: If you believe you deserve a credit for poor quality, damaged, or otherwise unuseable produce, please contact the office at csa@terrafirmafarm.com. We will evaluate cases individually. Be sure to include what day/time you picked up the produce, and how it was stored.

Pickup Location Etiquette: Terra Firma relies heavily our own private drop sites, and we ask everyone to follow the following rules:

Please observe the pick-up times carefully. Doors may be locked or hosts gone to bed during other times. We do not coordinate or recommend after hours pickups.

Don’t take a box if one doesn’t have your name on it. All boxes are labelled; if there isn’t one there for you, there’s probably a reason why. If you have someone pickup for you, do not forget to inform them of this policy.

Do not look through other peoples boxes. All the like-sized boxes contain the same items.

Return your boxes for recycling. Please unfold them carefully according to instructions on the bottom. We use

the boxes multiple times. Please do not leave the papers or other trash at your local friendly pickup site.

Late pick-ups are not eligible for credits, due to natural deterioration of fresh produce. Lots of things can happen to boxes after hours, we don’t credit for any of them.

Terra Firma’s Two Weeks Off — We take a vacation at the end of each year, for three reasons. First, the end of December/ early January is a bleak time in terms of vegetables, so you won’t miss out on much. Second, a larger percentage of subscribers take vacations during the same two weeks, which makes it convenient for you as well. Third, we need a vacation from the rigorous schedule that growing and harvesting food for three hundred plus people demands.

You will not be charged for a box during our vacation. Your account will only be charged for weeks we deliver.

Other Holiday Changes: The newsletter will have the schedule changes, which can also be found posted here Newsletter Archives.

New Subscribers — We strongly urge you to read through the Member’s Answer Zone to fully enjoy and understand the csa experience at our farm. There are many common questions answered there, and it’s always good to know things in advance!


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