Organic Sweet Corn in Time for July 4th

Our first round of sweet corn is just around the corner, and will be ready in time for the Fourth of July. We grow a bicolor variety, which as its name may tell you, has two colors of kernels: white and yellow. The corn is sold in 48-count cases. The variety we grow is called “Fantastic,” and we are sure it will live up to its name. You can expect corn to become available from us starting at the end of the week in small amounts, with more volume available in the week leading up to July 4th.

View of the corn from deep within the field

For me, corn brings back memories of summers on the east coast, when my siblings and I would husk ears for my dad to grill up outside. More recently, I’ve discovered elote-style corn, dressed with a crema-cotija cheese-chili powder-garlic mixture – a delicious twist on the traditional salt and butter version! For those of you with a sweet tooth, corn cakes are also a fun use for fresh sweet corn.

Our sweet corn in early May

Ears of corn nearly ready in the field










We hope you enjoy our sweet corn this summer!


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