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Mid-Season Heirloom Tomato Update

2019-07-10T15:26:11+00:00July 10, 2019|

We have had a great early heirloom tomato season here at Terra Firma, thanks a very early planting that we squeezed in between storms back in February and March.  That planting benefited from an optimal pollination period that allowed us to set lots of fruit, followed by good ripening weather the last couple of weeks. With another 3 happy and healthy tomato plantings lined up behind the first, we are just getting started with [MORE ...]

Fall into Winter Squash

2018-09-20T19:34:39+00:00September 20, 2018|

With fall upon us, it is time to switch those tomato and stone fruit displays over to winter squash. We love this storage crop and the abundance it offers in the cool months of the year. This year, we are growing acorn, butternut, delicata and spaghetti. We have harvested all of our delicata, but there are more plantings of the other varieties in our fields to pick. [Be sure to get your hands on [MORE ...]

Pepper Party

2018-08-22T21:54:40+00:00August 22, 2018|

While tomatoes are winding down with the cooling weather and ominous haze from the multitude of wildfires, peppers are thriving. We have a number of varieties to offer that are both beautiful and tasty! The photo above shows the varieties of peppers that we are offering this season. From left to right, Gypsy (red, orange, yellow), Corno di Toro (red, orange), Jimmy Nardello and Shishito. We are offering 10# packs for all peppers except [MORE ...]

Tomatoes, We’ve Grown a Few…

2018-07-10T21:34:30+00:00July 10, 2018|

It seems we've reached full-on tomato season! This is a busy time of year for everyone on the team. If you're not harvesting tomatoes, you're sorting and packing them. If you're not harvesting or packing them, you're selling them. Tomato fever, though not unfamiliar, is probably settling in with everyone right about now. We're piling the heirlooms high! As you've probably noticed, we offer a few different tomatoes: heirloom, red slicers, early [MORE ...]

Organic Sweet Corn in Time for July 4th

2018-06-19T19:30:20+00:00June 19, 2018|

Our first round of sweet corn is just around the corner, and will be ready in time for the Fourth of July. We grow a bicolor variety, which as its name may tell you, has two colors of kernels: white and yellow. The corn is sold in 48-count cases. The variety we grow is called "Fantastic," and we are sure it will live up to its name. You can expect corn to become available [MORE ...]

Summertime Soft Squash

2018-06-08T01:21:15+00:00June 8, 2018|

We are reaching full swing of summer squash season here in the Sacramento Valley. Squash plants are extremely prolific, so we harvest them six days a week for most of the season. Each plant has a broad-leafed, prickly canopy, necessitating a bit of searching under the leaves for fruit, and definitely wearing a long-sleeved shirt to prevent skin irritation. We grow three different varieties at Terra Firma: Zucchini, Gold Bar and Sunburst. Squash is packed in [MORE ...]

Lettuce Varieties of Spring

2018-05-14T16:12:26+00:00May 14, 2018|

Here at Terra Firma Farm, we've been trying out some new lettuce varieties that we're excited to share with you. We are looking at having a consistent supply of lettuce until it gets too hot. When you order lettuce, be sure to place your order early in the morning (before 6:30am if possible). With the rising temperatures in the valley, we need to harvest our greens in the morning to keep them happy and [MORE ...]

Strawberry Season is Here

2018-04-23T22:11:57+00:00April 20, 2018|

Following much anticipation, strawberry season in the valley is finally here. We are enjoying the abundance and sweetness that comes with this crop. Terra Firma Farm offers three varieties of strawberries: Chandler, Frontera and Camarosa. Chandler strawberries While strawberries grown near the coast can be harvested nearly all year, strawberries in our area have a shorter growing season, making the influx of these spring gems much more valuable for our farm. As always, [MORE ...]

Gourmet Culinary Lettuce Varieties

2018-02-24T05:01:56+00:00February 22, 2018|

Right now we are featuring gourmet culinary lettuce varieties including some familiar names as well as a few new ones. "Little Gem" was the first variety of lettuce developed by plant breeders to have all the leaves of every head be a similar size, requiring little or no chopping or tearing. The heads are fully mature when harvested, but they have "Baby" leaves. This makes the lettuce incredibly easy to quickly wash and prepare [MORE ...]

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