Box Contents for November 2, 2015

All Boxes:  Baby Boky Choy, Broccoli, Fuyu Persimmons, Garlic, Satsuma Mandarins, Spinach, Sweet Potatoes.

Medium and Large boxes only:  Bunched Beets, Carrots, Cilantro.

Large boxes only:  Green Kale


Spring Update

Like most farmers in California, we’ve missed a lot of deadlines here at Terra Firma this spring. And we’re still missing them.  Because we’re at least a month behind in much of our spring work.  And it’s not like we … Continue reading

The Crop that will save California?

A few years back, the citizens of our state went to the polls and voted to legalize recreational marijuana.  This ended a number of injustices, the worst of which was long prison sentences for users and sellers of a fairly … Continue reading

Strawberry Season Starts Today!

Terra’s Strawberry season started last Thursday when we picked the first few boxes of berries.  Thankfully, the weather dried out enough on Monday afternoon that we were able to harvest again, and those berries are in your boxes today. One … Continue reading