Our team has started our “Countdown to Thanksgiving” here at Terra Firma, by far the busiest three-day week of the year for us…actually, the only one. Most of the preparation will happen before you receive your boxes that week, but some of you have a very important role to play in making sure we can get a CSA box to everyone who wants one before the holiday:

If you normally pick up your box on Thursday or Friday, you will need to adjust your schedule instead to pick it up on Tuesday, November 21st.

Weds. boxes will be delivered according to our normal schedule.

Web store orders for Thanksgiving week (either delivery day) must be placed by Weds. November 1 at midnight. We’ll be sending out the special order forms for that this week via email.

In a normal week, we have all day Monday to harvest items that will be packed in your boxes on Tuesday and then loaded onto the truck at the end of the day for delivery Weds. But for this holiday week, we have to pack the Thurs and Fri CSA boxes by the end of the day Monday.

If you’re preparing a Thanskgiving meal this year, you’re probably going to do lots of planning and preparation. We do the same thing here, and we’ll start harvesting as early as the Thursday prior. Other items — such as potatoes and winter squash — were harvested weeks ago.

As soon as we get a little closer to the date, we will post the Thanksgiving CSA box list on the website and email it to you. It will also be in next week’s newsletter. As always, it will be subject to change, but it should give you a good idea of what will be coming.

And as if the week before the holiday isn’t busy enough for us already, this year it looks like we may also be dealing with our first big winter storm of the season. It probably comes as no surprise that we were really hoping that the wet weather would hold off another week. Rain is much more enjoyable when you’re inside watching it, sitting in front of the fire, then it is to be out in the mud trying to harvest vegetables.