If you’re reading this email and thinking, “I usually get the TFF newsletter on Wednesday”, you are right. And if you normally pick up your box on Thursday or Friday, here’s your reminder: Go pick it up today.
We’ve re-jiggered our harvest, packing and delivery schedule this week to ensure that everyone who wants a CSA box this week can get it before the Thanksgiving holiday — and we can give our staff two days off.
I’ve read that a few large retailers have made the decision to close their stores on Thursday. We’ve been doing it for over 20 years. In fact, even back in the days when we did Farmers’ Markets, we would take the weekend after the holiday off from selling.
Unlike the summer holidays, vegetables and fruit grow much more slowly in the fall and winter. This allows us give people a little more time off. In fact, some years we come back from our Thanksgiving or Christmas breaks and wish the crops had grown a little more.
From all of us at Terra Firma, we wish you a Happy, Abundant and Relaxing Thanksgiving Holiday.