In the dark year that was 2020, Thanksgiving might have been the most constrained of all holidays. With the Covid vaccine still months away, large indoor gatherings and sharing big meals with others were verboten. The holiday itself reminded us all of how long it had been since we had seen friends and loved ones, or worse.

Here at the farm, we barely took any time off from work for last year’s holiday, where we normally shut down on Tuesday afternoon and don’t restart the farm until Saturday or even Monday. It is usually our first decent break after 6 months or more of constant work.

It didn’t help that the weather in California was trolling us so mercilessly, holding out on the rain we needed so desperately after months of raging wildfires and endless days of smoke. It’s hard to stop work here when the crops won’t stop growing, and the dry, sunny days of November 2020 gave no reprieve.

This year, we entered November having hit the restart button with the big October storm that soaked the ground, make the creeks run for a bit, and even raised the levels of many important reservoirs. Yesterday’s rain was a nice little refresher. Our crops are growing the way they should grow in November, which is to say, slowly. The pace of work here is less frenetic and rushed. We are looking forward to a nice long break. But first, we’ve got a few more things to get done!

I hope everyone will get to have a more relaxing, joyful and celebratory Thanksgiving this year. We are planning a nice holiday box for you to enjoy. We will get the proposed box lists posted next Monday so you can see what will be coming. We will also be featuring an expanded list of items in the CSA store.

In order to deliver all our subscribers a CSA box before Thanksgiving, we will be re-arranging our schedule as follows:

Thursday and Friday deliveries will happen on Tuesday, November 23rd.
Weds. deliveries will happen as per our usual schedule.

If you are planning on putting your holiday box on hold, the deadline is next Friday.

To order additional items from the CSA store for Thanksgiving, you will need to use special order forms instead of the regular webstore ordering process. You should receive that form this week via email. The deadline to send it back to us is Friday, Nov. 19th at 5 p.m.