With TFF’s last Celery of the winter season in your boxes today, it’s your last chance to make an all-TFF Mirapoix.  This vegetable medley is not a dish on its own, but rather is an essential part of hundreds of soups and stews, a preparation of aromatic vegetables that provides a solid foundation for the rest of the ingredients.  It takes some time to make it properly, as the vegetables must be sauteed together until they are slightly caramelized and beginning to soften.  You can make a large batch of Mirapoix, and then freeze it in pint or quart containers.  Keep it on hand until you need it, then defrost it and add the broth and other ingredients to save yourself most of an hour of cooking time.  Or just keep going with your favorite soup or stew recipe.

Trim 2-3 leeks, then cut down into them and clean them carefully of grit.  Dice.

Heat 3 T. olive oil or butter in a large, heavy-bottom pot.  Add the leeks and lower the heat.

Clean 4-6 Carrots and cut in small dice to make 4 C.  Add to the pot and stir to combine.

Cut the leaves off 1 head of celery, then separate the stalks and clean them.  Dice, then add to the pot and raise the heat.

Saute the vegetables, stirring every few minutes.  Now is the time to add generous amounts of salt and pepper, plus any aromatic fresh or dried herbs:  traditionally parsley, thyme, marjoram etc. but really anything you like.

Continue to cook the mirapoix over medium heat, stirring regularly, until the leeks and carrots are lightly browned.  The vegetables should release enough water to keep them from burning, but if necessary you can add a very small amount of water.

Transfer to pint or quart containers and freeze.  A pint of Mirapoix is enough for a 2-person pot of soup or stew; for 4 people you’ll want a full quart.