There’s just a few weeks left in 2020, and I think we’re all looking forward to giving it a shove out the door and into history.
With most TFF subscribers and employees telling us they are planning on sheltering-in-place for the year-end holidays, we are cutting our annual “vacation” back by a week. We’ll be taking just one week off from deliveries this year: the week of Dec. 28th.
We will be making just one alteration to our delivery schedule the week of Christmas to accommodate the holiday: Friday boxes will be delivered on Tuesday the 22nd instead.
Weds. and Thursday deliveries will take place as usual.
Whether you need extra produce for the holiday itself, or want to stock up on more durable items for the week we are closed, we will have a fairly extensive list of offerings on the web store that you can order for delivery along with your Christmas-week box.
If you are looking for a fun stuck-at-home kitchen project and/or a good holiday gift, you may want to think about making a batch of citrus marmalade. It’s easier than you think, and the canning process is relatively simple — it’s done when the jam is still hot and doesn’t require any additional processing. The best thing about it is that it will perfume your entire house with the scent of citrus for the many hours that it takes to cook it. You can use either lemons or mandarins or both, but it will use up most or all of the fruit you get in your weekly box. Luckily, we’ve got bulk quantities available in the web store and I’ve included the recipe below.
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