One trick to sauteing leeks is to cut them in thin strips, or “julienne”.  This helps them cook faster without burning. Since you have to cut down vertically into each leek anyway to wash them, you can just cut each leek in half from top to bottom.  Then cut into 1-2″ lengths and place them cut-side down on the cutting board.  Use a very sharp knife to make slices lengthwise.

Cut the leaves and bases off 1 medium or 2 small leeks.  Cut them in half from top to bottom, then carefully rinse the insides to remove any soil.  Cut the washed leek halves into 2″ pieces.  Place the pieces face down on a cutting board and use a very sharp knife to thinly slice them.  They will fall apart into hundreds of julienne strips.

Rinse 4-5 carrots and trim them.  Cut in half lengthwise and then cut them in julienne just like the leeks.  You want about 2 Cups.

Cut the florets off broccoli heads to make 2 C.  Trim the stalks, then peel and cut into long, thin strips.

Peel and mince fresh ginger to make 2 T.  (this is easier to do if the ginger is frozen).

In a small bowl, combine the sauce ingredients:  3 T. soy sauce, 1 T. orange juice, 1 t. sesame oil, and 1 t. siracha or other chile paste (optional).  Whisk together.

Heat 2 T. peanut or other high-heat oil in a wok.  Add the leeks and carrots and sprinkle with salt and pepper.

Stir fry the vegetables over medium-high heat until they begin to soften, then add the ginger and stir fry another 2-3 minutes.  Transfer the vegetables to a bowl.

Add 1 T. oil to the wok, turn the heat to high, and then add the broccoli (stems and florets).  Stir fry for 2-3 minutes, adding a teaspoon of water once or twice to keep them from sticking.

Return the carrot/leek mixture to the wok along with the sauce.  Mix well, then shut off the heat and serve.