Last week’s giant LNU fire destroyed hundreds of homes and dozens of farms in the Pleasants Valley area of Winters and Vacaville.  Two of the farms destroyed belonged to long-time TFF subscribers who also happen to be suppliers to the CSA.

Susan Hassett of Buzzard’s Roost Ranch produces organic olive oil that we have featured in our boxes.  In addition to losing her home, the irrigation system in her orchard was destroyed — although the trees and possibly this year’s crop appear to have survived.

Andrea Fansler produces honey from her bees, who also pollinate our crops.  Andrea and her husband Rick lost their home as well as their stock of honey, but her bees are fine — they are still spread out among other farmers fields including our own.

If you are interested in making a small contribution to helping these fellow CSA members, look for an email early next week that will provide you with a link to make donations through your TFF Farmigo account.  You can also email us directly at