A simple, quick and filling dish. This recipe sautes raw corn in olive oil with garlic, but you can also use leftover cooked corn and add sauteed garlic.

Peel red onion and then very thinly slice it to make 1 C.  Toss in a bowl with 1/4 C. red wine vinegar.

Dice ripe tomatoes to make 2 C.  Toss in a different bowl with 1/2 t. sea salt and lots of black pepper.

Cut the kernels off 3 ears of corn.  Mince 1 large clove of garlic.  Optional: Remove the stem and seeds from 1 Gypsy pepper then thinly slice.

Heat 2 T. olive oil in a cast-iron skillet.  Add the corn (and optional Gypsy pepper) and saute until tender, then add the garlic and cook another minute or two.  Remove from heat and allow the corn to cool.

Toss the corn, tomatoes and onions together in a large bowl.  Add fresh herbs to taste: basil, parsley and/or dill.

Season with additional salt and pepper if needed.