With the full approval of our state and local governments, Terra Firma Farm will remain open for business delivering our subscribers fresh organic produce they need to stay healthy in this crisis.  We have posted a Covid-19 update on the home page of our website and will update it from time to time.
The last week has been one of the busiest in recent memory for us at the farm as our sales have jumped in response to the mandate that people stay home…and cook their own food.  But there is no joy to be had in this increased business.  Our thoughts go out not just to people who have gotten sick, but to the thousands of people who have lost their jobs, as well as the countless small businesses that might not be able to recover from the economic havoc the outbreak is wrecking.
As of now, we will continue to accept returning and new subscribers but rest assured that we will not continue to do so if it begins to compromise our ability to feed folks who supported our farm prior to this outbreak.  While we are just beginning our spring planting for summer crops, our produce availability for the next two months or so is based on our pre-Covid subscriber numbers and is not unlimited.
Of course, growing and harvesting fresh produce is a labor-intensive undertaking.  Should a significant number of our employees get sick or become quarantined as the outbreak progresses, it will impact our production.  We will keep subscribers updated, but you can be confident that Terra Firma’s CSA members are our #1 priority, always.  If we lose staff capacity due to illness, we will cut back on our other sales in order to do our best to keep the CSA deliveries going.
As the outbreak progresses, it will be possible that a significant number of people will be unable to leave their homes due to the risk of spreading the illness.  While TFF does not have the capacity to provide home delivery ourselves, several subscribers and site hosts have already approached us about volunteering to deliver boxes to others in need.  If and when this situation develops, we will do whatever we can to help coordinate such an effort.
As always, we are honored that you, our customers, have chosen us for the essential service of feeding you.  We will continue to do our best to provide you with healthy food and hopefully a little joy in these hard times.