With fall upon us, it is time to switch those tomato and stone fruit displays over to winter squash. We love this storage crop and the abundance it offers in the cool months of the year.

This year, we are growing acorn, butternut, delicata and spaghetti. We have harvested all of our delicata, but there are more plantings of the other varieties in our fields to pick. [Be sure to get your hands on the delicata now, because it won’t be around as long as the other varieties; it usually holds until December.] The harvest: Typically we clip the fruit from the stems off the plants, and let them cure in the field, or bring them to the packing house for curing, before distributing them to our buyers and CSA members. This curing process hardens the skin to give the squash a longer storage life, and sweetens the meat inside.

Winter squash offerings

Spaghetti squash blossom in the field










Though it looks like we are getting one more hot spell in the Sacramento area (hopefully only one) before we really transition into fall, people will soon be cozying up with hot and hearty winter soups, roasted vegetables, squash bread and pie.

Don’t forget that we offer straight-and mixed-variety bins of different quantities. Feel free to ask us about price!

Delicata squash before it cures to a bright yellow skin color