It seems we’ve reached full-on tomato season! This is a busy time of year for everyone on the team. If you’re not harvesting tomatoes, you’re sorting and packing them. If you’re not harvesting or packing them, you’re selling them. Tomato fever, though not unfamiliar, is probably settling in with everyone right about now.

We’re piling the heirlooms high!

As you’ve probably noticed, we offer a few different tomatoes: heirloom, red slicers, early girls, romas and cherry tomatoes. The heirlooms are by far our best seller, and our MO is packing stunning cases with an array of varieties and colors. We are also offering straight packs of heirlooms, and these varieties change throughout the season depending on which plantings of tomatoes are ripe and ready for harvest.

One of our tomato fields in Winters

The tomato fields are impressive-looking. 800 ft-long rows of tomatoes flank the fields. Most of these tomatoes, known as indeterminant varieties, are staked and trellised to support the plants, and encourage upward growth so that they do not get damaged on the ground.

Mixed heirloom tomato case

We pack tomatoes according to ripeness, so if you ever have a preference that’s different from what you’ve been receiving, let us know. We’re generally sending the ripe ones to restaurants, but often the retail stores are flying through them, so it’s nice to be able to offer a “ready to eat” heirlooms to customers. We hope you enjoy our tomatoes this year!

Sungold and Sweet 100 cherry tomatoes in the warehouse