Here at Terra Firma Farm, we’ve been trying out some new lettuce varieties that we’re excited to share with you. We are looking at having a consistent supply of lettuce until it gets too hot. When you order lettuce, be sure to place your order early in the morning (before 6:30am if possible). With the rising temperatures in the valley, we need to harvest our greens in the morning to keep them happy and lively.

To start, we’ve been growing some “Eazyleaf” types. The lettuce head is made up of uniformly-sized lettuce leaves, so only one chop at the stem of the plant is needed to prepare the lettuce base for your salad. This means there is no time wasted shredding or cutting the lettuce into smaller leaves. Many of you may have already ordered these from us – they have certainly been a hit with our CSA members as well! We are offering these in straight packs, or a mix of red and green.

Red Oak “Eazyleaf” Lettuce

Green Oak “Eazyleaf”  Lettuce







Another favorite is our little gem lettuce. These mini romaine lettuces are not only petite and elegant, but they have a sweet, refreshing flavor, and a crisp, crunchy texture. The little gems are perfect for small-sized salads, and their leaves are the ideal size for a refreshing lettuce wrap. They are a favorite and we hope you enjoy them too.

Spring Little Gem Lettuce

In addition to these varieties, we have classic Romaine and Red Butter. These are looking beautiful and are also staples for our CSA members. Amidst the recent Romaine lettuce scares, we are glad to be a safe source for delicious lettuce that no one should miss out on. Enjoy!