Right now we are featuring gourmet culinary lettuce varieties including some familiar names as well as a few new ones. “Little Gem” was the first variety of lettuce developed by plant breeders to have all the leaves of every head be a similar size, requiring little or no chopping or tearing. The heads are fully mature when harvested, but they have “Baby” leaves. This makes the lettuce incredibly easy to quickly wash and prepare for a salad

Now there are a dozen different varieties available with a similar growth habit, which is now being called “Easy Leaf”. In addition to romaine types like Little Gem, we have a Red Butter, a Red Oak, a Red Leaf, and a couple of red Bibb types — all in the “Easy Leaf” mode:

  • Alkindus (Red Butter)
  • Buckley (Red Oak)
  • Bellevue (Red Leaf)
  • Rosaine (Dark red Bibb)
  • Cegolaine (Red and Green Bibb)

We can do single-variety packs of 10 lbs, or mixed packs with several different varieties.