Vegetarian Sushi almost always uses the same vegetables:  cucumbers, avocado and sometimes carrots.  Why not lightly cooked beets?  They are pretty and tasty, and the combination with ginger and horseradish harkens back to Eastern European cooking where they have played such an important role traditionally.

Cook 2 C. of sushi rice (short grain) in 4 C. of water until all the water is absorbed.  Refrigerate the rice for at least half an hour.

Steam 2-3 Beets until fully tender.  Drop into cold water.  When they are cook, peel then and cut into long rectangles — like thick cut french fries.

Cut 1-2 carrots into thin julienne strips.

Cut a head of red cabbage in half, then shred one half to make 1 C.

When the rice is cool, transfer it to a bowl and combine with 1/4 C. rice vinegar mixed with 1 t. of salt.  Use your hands to mix the rice well.

Place individual sheets of Nori seaweed down on a sushi roller.  Cover the sheet evenly with rice except for a one-inch strip on one end.  Wet your fingers to keep the rice from sticking to them.

Make a row of beet strips, one of carrots, and then sprinkle shredded cabbage generously on top.