This week is our final week of deliveries for 2014.  Thank you for supporting our farm for another year.


For many farmers and ranchers in California, this year was a slow-motion disaster thanks to the drought.  We are cautiously optimistic that the wet weather that has enveloped the state over the last month will last all winter and begin the process of reversing the drought.


At Terra Firma, we are blessed with one of the most reliable local water supplies in Northern California and so felt little impact from the drought ourselves.  And since most of the Mediterrean crops we grow prefer warm and dry weather over cold or wet, we had a pretty good year overall.  This was in spite of the lingering effects of the terrible freeze we experienced in late 2013.


So far, this year’s storms have not brought us any of the flooding or high winds that hit other parts of the state.  The rain has been relatively gentle, and the ground has sucked it up like a sponge.  The timing of the storms have even allowed us to avoid working outside in the rain at all — until today.


There are still two full weeks left before New Years, though.  And this time of year has produced some of the nastiest weather Northern California has seen.


We hope that all our subscribers also had prosperous and successful years, and wish you a happy and safe holiday season.  We look forward to feeding you and your families again in 2015, and are keeping our fingers crossed for another good season.