Tutorial: How to Grill Sweet Corn
Once you eat corn cooked this way, it’s pretty hard to go back to boiling it.  The ears steam inside their husks while picking up the smoky flavor of the charcoal.

Light a fire in the BBQ.  Cook anything else that needs grilling first.

Fill a 5 gallon bucket or a large bowl with water.

Remove the toughest, greenest leaves of the corn husk from each ear, including the large stump at the base.  Pull out as much of the silk from the tip as you can without opening the ears.

Soak the sweet corn for 15 minutes or longer in the bucket.

When the coals are glowing but not super hot, place the corn on the grill and arrange in a single layer.  Cover the grill completely and allow the corn to cook for 10 minutes or longer.  Turn the ears as the leaves on each side turn brown.  Do not allow them to blacken.

Leave the corn in the husks until just before serving, as this will keep them hot.