When we started packing CSA boxes — just one size — and delivering them in 1994, we were just the second farm with drop sites in San Francisco and one of a handful in the East Bay and Sacramento.  For years our farm grew along with the number of subscribers.  The recession of 2007 hit, and people kept right on subscribing.

Along the way, more farms started offering CSA boxes, trying to meet the demand.  Others caught on too, distributors who tried to focus on the “farm fresh” part while conveniently forgetting about the idea of “leaving out the middleman”.  Now there are even companies that deliver ready-to-cook meals to your door, with every ingredient in the recipe peeled, chopped, sliced, and measured out.  Over the last few years, Terra Firma has seen our subscriber numbers drop — not drastically, but definitely enough for us to notice.

Many of our, er, competitors offer a level of service that we do not:  delivery to your home or office.  While we have considered the idea in the past, it simply doesn’t make sense for us to send multiple vehicles from the farm each carrying just a few dozen boxes.  Right now each of our two trucks is able to deliver several hundred boxes a day efficiently.

We understand very well that for many people, having to pick up their CSA box every week at the same time is an obstacle to subscribing.  So for several years we have been mulling how to find someone in the Bay Area to deliver CSA boxes for us.  And it appears we have succeeded.

We and several other CSA farms are working with FarmsReach, who are rolling out a home delivery program.  The cost will be $5-$15 per week depending on where you live.  We hope to start deliveries later in the summer.  Payment will come out of your existing TFF account.

You should have already received an email inquiring as to your interest in home delivery and asking for your physical address (which we don’t currently have).  Even if you are not interested, I would ask you to mention our new service to friends or family members who have previously expressed interest in Terra Firma but are unable for whatever reason to pick their box up.  As always, we will give a referral credit if they sign up.