Sometimes it seems like everywhere you go on the world wide web, a survey pops up with some random question (“Do you love Cheetos? Vote now!”).  Everyone in the marketing business is looking for data to help them make their decisions.

Back in the dark ages before the Internet, Terra Firma did a paper survey (yes, paper!) to determine our subcribers’ preferences for what they would like to see in their boxes.  We got hundreds of responses and the data they provided still shapes what we grow and send you every week.

We still can’t grow some of the items that subscribers back in 1996 asked for, like avocadoes and brussel sprouts.  But now, thanks to Constant Contact, we can easily include a link in the newsletter to a web survey.  I could even put one in the newsletter every week — but I won’t.

There is information that would be useful for us to know that wasn’t included in our original survey.  For example, I am always curious about people’s dietary choices:  Vegetarian, Vegan or Omnivore.  I tend to assume that many TFF subscribers lean towards the first, and I generally keep the recipes focused primarily on ingredients in the boxes.  But I often include dairy products and occasionally meat or fish.

If you are interested in sharing your eating habits with us (anonymously of course), you can take this single question survey.  And depending on how many responses we get, I might do other surveys from time to time with more specific questions in an effort to help us do a better job with your boxes.  I suppose I could even have a survey asking about…surveys.  Just kidding.