Peel 1 persimmon and 1 Asian pear.  Using a grater, a hand shredder or a mandolin, shred or julienne both.  Immediately toss with the juice of 1 lemon or 2 limes and a dash of salt.

Cut 1 cabbage in half across the middle.  Place the cut side of 1 half down and finely shred it until you have 4 C.

Grate 3-4 carrots and 1 piece of fresh ginger to make 2 T.  

For the dressing:  combine 3 T. olive oil with 1 T. red or white miso paste and whisk to combine.  Add a little rice vinegar if it needs more liquid.

Toss everything in a bowl with the oil/miso mixture.  Season with salt, pepper, and more rice vinegar to taste.

Toast 3 T. sesame seeds in a skillet and then sprinkle over the top.

Serve on a bed of salad mix or arugula, on top of fish, or anywhere else you need a crunchy, juice accent.