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December Heatwave?

December is usually our coldest and often the wettest month of the year here at TFF, with alternating rain and freezing morning temperatures.  But so far this year, it has continued November's trend of sunny, dry and warm: it even hit 74 briefly on Monday, which set a record for that date.  This would seem [MORE ...]

Countdown to 2024

I hope everyone had a relaxing and enjoyable holiday last week -- I know for sure all of us here at Terra Firma did. Thanksgiving is an important "hard stop" for us marking the end of our busy season and allows us to rest up to get through the next month until our longer year-end [MORE ...]

Thanksgiving Pre-Game Huddle

Our team has started our "Countdown to Thanksgiving" here at Terra Firma, by far the busiest three-day week of the year for us...actually, the only one. Most of the preparation will happen before you receive your boxes that week, but some of you have a very important role to play in making sure we can [MORE ...]

November is Co-vember at TFF

Happy Halloween, and welcome to November. We are just about done planting vegetables for the year at Terra Firma, which means it's time for planting something else: winter cover crops. Most farmers in California leave their fields fallow during the winter, exposed to the wind and rain that erode the soil and cause runoff into [MORE ...]

Latest Recipes from the Farm


Photo courtesy of Alanna Taylor-Tobin from Bojon Gourmet

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