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First time since 2019?

Lake Berryessa, Terra Firma's primary source of irrigation water, is filling fast right now. It has passed the highest level it reached last year, 430 feet above sea level -- and is now headed for another milestone. Once the water level hits 440 feet, it begins to automatically spill out of the lake, through a [MORE ...]

Weeds, Mud, and Price of Organic

Where organic farming has succeeded wildly in marketing itself, it failed just as wildly at explaining itself. Most Americans, when surveyed, say they would buy organic products if they cost the same as conventional. This reveals a fundamental lack of understanding about the nature of organic: it will likely always be more expensive. The biggest [MORE ...]

Post-Storm Update

Like many areas of California, we had some crazy weather here at the farm over the weekend.  Not only did we experience the widespread damaging windstorm that many other areas saw on Sunday, but prior to the wind's arrival, we got over 4" of rain in just 12 hours.  For a short period, we had [MORE ...]

Which is the Real “Wettest January Ever”?

Last January was the wettest January we had had in several years. This January is also the wettest January we have had in years. But that is where the similarities end. January 2024 brought a number of incredibly wet storms that flooded our fields for weeks, although other areas saw much worse flooding. The storms [MORE ...]

Latest Recipes from the Farm


Photo courtesy of Alanna Taylor-Tobin from Bojon Gourmet

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