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More Crazy Weather

Two weeks ago, we cancelled work for the first time ever in September due to extreme heat.  And now in another "first" for September, we have cancelled work -- for not one but three days -- due to rain. If you live in certain parts of the Bay Area, you may not know that many [MORE ...]

Berry Late than Never

Strawberries are a crop that is planted once a year, in the fall, and harvested the following spring. At Terra Firma, we traditionally plant on or around September 1st, give or take a week depending on the weather. But this year we started Monday the 12th and are just finishing today, making it the latest [MORE ...]

A September to Remember…or Forget

Unless you live within a mile or two of the Pacific Ocean, you likely experienced -- or are still experiencing -- some of the hottest September temperatures your location has ever had this week.  I hope everyone is figuring out some way to stay cool, especially folks who live in places where they rarely need [MORE ...]

Three Day Weekends & Heatwaves

For most farmers, there's not much to like about Holidays Weekends during the summer.  You can't put a farm on hold during the hottest time of year:  the crops just keep growing.  At a minimum, you have to keep watering them.  And if you're harvesting -- as we pretty much always are -- you can't [MORE ...]

Latest Recipes from the Farm


Photo courtesy of Alanna Taylor-Tobin from Bojon Gourmet

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