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Peach Season 2023: Better than last year!

You might remember that for Terra Firma, last year was "the Year of No Peaches". A days-long hard freeze in February of 2022 wiped out almost our entire crop of "Stone Fruit" : Apricots, Peaches and Nectarines. Stone fruit is one of our farm's cornerstones. We grow 30 varieties that generally ripen over a five [MORE ...]

“No Electric Truck for you, Small Farmer!”

Farming is expensive. It takes lots of money and equipment to prepare the soil and plant crops. Believe it or not, many farmers of the most commonly grown crops in the U.S. can't even afford the equipment to harvest them. They pay a contractor harvester to do so. And only a tiny number of farmers [MORE ...]

2023 is like a Dream…

You've probably had dreams where you are racing -- to catch a flight, or finish a project, or get to an event -- but things keep popping up to keep you from getting there. You wake up in a panic when you miss your flight, deadline, meeting, etc. In Terra Firma's stress dream, now reality, [MORE ...]

Strawberry Season Opener

Strawberry season starts this week! Two things immediately jump out about this year's berries. First, they are late -- very late. Today is the latest calendar date we've ever put the first strawberries in our CSA boxes. That follows the coldest winter and spring we've had in Northern California in twenty years. The second thing [MORE ...]

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Photo courtesy of Alanna Taylor-Tobin from Bojon Gourmet

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